sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2015

A Treatise on the Climate and Meteorology of Madeira - J. A. Mason (1850)

Mason, J. A.; Knowles, James Sheridan; Peacock, George; Driver, John – A TREATISE ON THE CLIMATE AND METEOROLOGY OF MADEIRA; By the late J. A. Mason, M. D. inventor of Mason’s Hygrometer; Edited by James Sheridan Knowles. To witch are attached A REVIEW OF THE STATE OF AGRICULTURE AND OF THE TENURE OF LAND; by Geroge Peacock, D. D., F. R. S., etc. etc. (…) AN HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNT OF THE ISLAND, AND GUIDE TO VISITORS; By John Driver (…), London, John Churchill, MDCCCL (1850).

Na Ilha da Madeira: hospital improvisado - António Balbino Rego (1901)

Rego , António Balbino - Na ilha da Madeira : hospital improvisado , Porto : Vap. da Emprêsa Litteraria e Typographica, 1901. https://a...