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John Dos Passos: Biography and Critical Essays - Maria Abreu, Bernardo Vasconcelos (2010)

John Dos Passos: Biography and Critical Essays
Editor: Maria Zina Gonçalves de Abreu and Bernardo Guido de Vasconcelos
Date Of Publication: Nov 2010
Isbn13: 978-1-4438-2421-7
Isbn: 1-4438-2421-6
The contributions in this book draw attention to the close, though sometimes ambiguous, relationship between biography, aesthetics, ideology, social critique and gender in Dos Passos’s writings. Most of the essays are important additions to the ongoing scholarly critique on the author’s works, considered in terms of innovative literary techniques and the myriad of literary representations, as well as of core thematic issues that have helped define Dos Passos both as a towering figure of American Modernism, and outspoken political and social critic.
Further to scrutinizing Dos Passos’s biographic aspects and literary innovations, the book also offers invaluable insights into the historiographical, ideological and social dimensions of the American (and to some extent European) society of the time, dominated by unprecedented social and political instability that shattered the ‘American Dream’ of liberty and egalitarianism, and by international warfare.
The present collection of essays is a worthy contribution to the growing body of critical studies on John Dos Passos’s writings, which indisputably endorse the status of his literary name.
Maria Zina Gonçalves de Abreu (MA, MLit, PhD) is Associate Professor at the Arts and Humanities Centre, University of Madeira, Portugal, where she teaches English and American Literature and Culture at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. She is the author of two books in Portuguese: A Reforma da Igreja em Inglaterra (Lisboa: FCG, 2003), 847pp. and O Sagrado Feminino (Lisboa: Colibri, 2007), 228pp, and co-editor of a volume on translation studies titled Estudos de Tradução (Lisbon: Principia, 2003), 511pp. She has also published several articles in Portuguese and English languages.
Doctor De Abreu is currently a research member of CEAUL (Anglo-American Studies Research Centre, University of Lisbon) engaged in a research project on the mid-19th century case of exile emigration of persecuted Portuguese Protestants to Illinois, USA.
Bernardo Guido De Vasconcelos (MA, MLit, PhD) is Auxiliary Professor at the Arts and Humanities Centre, University of Madeira, Portugal, where he teaches English Language and Linguistics, as well as American Literature and Culture. He is the author of several published articles in Portuguese and English.
Doctor De Vasconcelos is currently Pro-Rector at the University of Madeira and is responsible for the liaison with the General Council and for the Image and Public Relations Office.
“I strongly recommend this collection of essays not only to those interested in John Dos Passos and his work but also to anyone engaged in the study of the complex mix of literary, cultural, and social elements that comprise early twentieth-century modernism. In the past, much of the most innovative Dos Passos criticism has been of European origin, and this collection confirms that tradition.”
—Donald Pizer, Pierce Butler Professor of English Emeritus, Tulane University, New Orleans, Los Angeles
“Good wine needs no bush, but, oddly, Dos Passos’ long shelf of notable books does. It is time to reassess his achievement—think of the ground-breaking Three Soldiers or the marvelous trilogy collected as USA—and restore him to his place among the great American modernists of the twentieth century.”
—George Monteiro, Brown University, USA
“Fittingly emerging from the Dos Passos Cultural Centre in Madeira, where Dos Passos’ paternal family originated, this valuable collection looks both backward in time—at the writer’s sense of place in Portugal and of displacement in America; at texts and aesthetic movements that influenced him—and forward—at ongoing critical and social issues of genre, gender, ethnicity, transnationality, and migration. The volume’s diverse scholarly perspectives argue for and demonstrate Dos Passos’ continued significance as narrative innovator and social critic.”
—Lisa Nanney, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service-Qatar

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