quinta-feira, julho 01, 2010

The first three English books on America (...) - Edward Arber (1895)

Arber, Edward (editor); Eden, Richard; Anghiera, Pietro Martire d'; Münster, Sebastian; Cabot, Sebastian - The first three English books on America. [? 1511] -1555 A.D. Being chiefly translations, compilations, &c., by Richard Eden, from the writings, maps, &c., of Pietro Martire, of Anghiera (1455-1526) Sebastian Münster, the cosmographer (1489-1552) Sebastian Cabot, of Bristol (1474-1557) with extracts, &c., from the works of other Spanish, Italian, and German writers of the time, Birmingham: 1895.

Na Ilha da Madeira: hospital improvisado - António Balbino Rego (1901)

Rego , António Balbino - Na ilha da Madeira : hospital improvisado , Porto : Vap. da Emprêsa Litteraria e Typographica, 1901. https://a...