sexta-feira, abril 03, 2009

Jorge Flores - Brown University

"Portugal and Renaissance Europe"
April 15 to October 15, 2008
Prepared by Jorge Flores, Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Brown University

Por curiosidade, sempre através da net, tentei descobrir quem seria este historiador de nome Jorge Flores. De entre os dados disponíveis está o curriculum deste professor:

«Jorge Flores's research focuses on the political, social and cultural history of the Portuguese empire during the early modern period. He is particularly interested in the interaction between the Portuguese society and extra-European cultures, as well as in the formation of cross-cultural images and representations. His main field of expertise is the Portuguese expansion in Asia 1500-1800, and he works with Portuguese and other Western materials of the period to approach the history of South Asia.»


Andrade , Francisco de - PRINCIPIOS DE GRAMMATICA PORTUGUEZA ,  Funchal: Typographia Nacional, 1844.