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«Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese, 1476-1498» - Rebecca Catz

Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese, 1476-1498
by Rebecca Katz
Format: Hardcover, 144 pages
Published In: United States, September 1993
Publisher: Greenwood Press
ISBN: 0313288674
EAN: 9780313288678

Although much has been written about Columbus's life in Italy and Spain, little has been written about his formative years in Portugal. This work is the first book-length analysis of Columbus's stay in Portugal and Madeira from 1476 to 1485 and his later experiences in the Portuguese islands of the Azores and the Madeiras. The work stresses the influence the Portuguese had in educating Columbus about the sea, and it depicts his famous voyage to the New World as a logical sequence of the pioneering voyages of the Portuguese in the North Atlantic and along the West Coast of Africa. The work attempts to sort legend from fact and debunks the many myths about Columbus's stays on the island of Madeira.


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